Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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I have two pets:

  1. A fish (it name is Petushok).
  2. A rabbit (it name is Snezhok).

I love my pets. :3

my name is safa.i have a rabbit and her name is sandy.

I love animals!!!! And the picture is very very funny and nice!!

I have hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, turtles, birds, and parrots!  I love animals. They can be your best friend!

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You have got too many animals! Are you a shop assistant?

I have three hamsters, they are very funny. My yellow one name is chesse. My brown one name is coffee. And my white one name is Vani. They are very very cute. I love my hamsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a puppy .he is a german shephard  .he is soooo cute.i always play with him when i am back from school.  :) he is from army dog center.

I dont have a pet,but i like pet.I think that small dogs,rabbits and cats are best pets.

i have a pet,its name is "Titi" it is a fish,a red fish. He live and swimming in a little bowl.It's a betta fish. In every mornings I feed it.
I love this fish!!!!!