Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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i have a dog

Hello!my name is minhyen. I'm 7year old . I have not got a dog .I want to have got a brown dog.

i have a hamster i got it for my bithday on the 20nd of feb 

I don't have a pet because I don't like, but my brother had a dog, he loved his dog, it played so much and bit ev.
I could not to have nothing on the floor. I think that a fish could a good pet for me, because it is very judicious.

 Hello my name is Patrick.I have a dog and a cat.I love them.

I have a turtle his name is Elvis, is cool :P

i have a ; elephant . a lion , a snake , a crocodile and a monkey. hahaha . i have a big house for animals

Hello. My name is Tena. I have cat. Her name is Tiggy. She is funny. I love her. 

 I like all animals and I have a turtle. My turtle is three years old. It can run and jump. It is very beautiful animal. I like to have pet. I think that the best and the clever animal is dog, but I have not a dog. The dogs can run, jump and that is not all they can woof. I like cats, too. They are clever. They can climb in the tree, run, find and it a mouse. I think the all animals are clever, but the men are cleverest. 

My name is Jasper, and I would like to have a cat or a rat.
My older sister has a guena pig. He's so cute.