What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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I Have Yellow Pencil Case.
My Friend  Give Me Pencil Case As A Gift.
I Have Many Things In My Pencil Case.
1- Two Pens.
2- One Pencil. Its Colour Is Orange.
3- Two Eraser.
4- One Sharpner. Its Colour Is Silver.
5- One Ruler.
6- Many Colour Pencils.
7- I Like My Pencil Case Very Much.

I have a pink pencil case.My mom hepl to chose it.I used to keep an eraser,a pencil,a pen. I like my pencil case very much.

hi, my pencilcase is also pink.My mother help to chose it.I used to keep a pen,pencil,correction tape,staples,eraser and a highlighter.I have a lot of stationary because I am 9 years old. I love my pencil case!

my pencil case is very big it is rainbow coloured  I selected it 
I have a big stapler mechine  two pencil a camlin eraser lots of colour pens (blue black red green light blue light green pink purple and orange) an Oxford Cambridge mathematical instrument box  and a tipex
yes i keep my pencil case tidy it also has many keytacks (a wooden elephant   a seashell with my first letter 
a heart shaped one with my name carved in it (from makkah)  a  Dalmation puppy

I have a pink pencil box because I love pink!

Making my pencil case perfect is essential in school life!
In elementary school I changed it almost once a week! 
My favorite one has Cinamonroll (a Japanese character) on it.
The one I'm using now is fluffy and it has Lotso's (a character from Toy Story) face on it.
I like this pencil case too, because pink is my favorite color.
In my pencil case, I have at least 15 pens in it.
I also have correction tape and white out in it.
I think I'm very picky about the direction of how you put the pens in,
and some of my classmates think that's funny!


hello my name is jaynub
nice to meet you everyone

I have pink pencil case my mom give to me
in my birtday
i have two earaser
i have 6 color pens
i have 5pencil
i have mini sticers
i have pencil sharp
i have glue ~~^^

MY pencil case is pink.MY mother bought it for me.THEY are pen and pencils.

Hi ! I'm Öykü
My pencil case has got a seehorse picture.
It is dark blue and..
I choose my pencil case.
There are one eraser,nine coloured pencils ,two pencils and a pencil sharpener in my pencil case.
I often keep it tidy.

Hello! I am MisterT-RexMole, my pencil case is very small. Inside my pencil case there are:

1 - Four pencils

2 - Seven pens

3 - Three rubbers

4 - One scissor

My pencil case is usually tidy.