What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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My pencil case is rectangle.It is blue and white.I’m chose my pencil case by myseft. Inside, it have a pencil, a ruler,an earser,a pen,a marker,5 hightlighters,a pencil shaper.I clean it up every day.I very love it.


What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy? I'll give you the answer: 1.My pencil case is pink. There's a "Hello Kitty"'s head on it. 2.I didn't choose my pencil case. I won the English test so I had this pencil case. 3.There's a pencil, two red pens, three erasers and six rulers in my pencil case. 4.I keep my pencil case tidy, I just think so!

Hi QueenCuteWizard,

Congratulations on winning the English test! Keep learning English :-)

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my pencil case is clean

on my pencil pouch there are all characters of naruto (anime) it's colour is black as i am student of grade 7 in tokyo, i keep 2 blue ink pens,1 black and 1 blue pointer 1 clutch pencil,1 scale,1 eraser,1 pencil,1 sharpener. in another naruto jumbo pouch i keep colour pencils,coloured pointers. i keep my all two pouch tidy.

What's your pencil case like?
my pencil case like pouch

What colour is it?
yellow and black

Who chose your pencil case?
my anut brought from srilanka now she is in chennai

What's inside?
A barbiepen ,pencil pilotpen blackpen,rubber sharpner and colourpencil

Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

In my pencil case I have: two pencils, two pens, a rubber, clips, pegs, scissors, transportator and a pencil sharpener. My pencil case is: purple with a dolly. It's always tidy.

hi! i have a pink pencil case with a picture of cats . inside it there are pencils,ruler and colors pens it is a very pretty pencil case

Hi! I am going to share about my pencil case. It was from Smiggle, and it is pink. It is quite big(I would say it looks like a hamburger) and there are lots of stationery in it. There are five pencils, a correction tape, four erasers, a ruler and loads and loads of pens. I like my pencil case as it is so pretty and neat! PS: I forgot to tell you that I bought it with my own money. It was nineteen dollars!


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