What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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I love my pencil case very much because it is my birthday present given by my father. My father bought the pencil case in London .

 Wow, in London!?! Your pencil-case is awesome!

hello my name is luis
my  pencil case is blue and white
I chose  my pencil case
it has pencils, pens, colours, sharpner and candies
my pencil case is very clean

I Have a yellow  colour pencil box.   There is  a  game on it . There is a cartoon  drawing  on it. I chose that pencil box. it have a pencils,eraser,sharpner,scale,colours, and many things. My pencil box is always clean and tidy.

I have a multicolored Pencil case which is made of steel.My father has chosen it. I used to keep a ruler,an eraser,2 pencils and a micky shape sharpner in my pencil box.I like it very much.So i try to keep it tidy always.

  • My pencil case is rectangle . It very old . On the it , has two anime very cute.Middle the it has a click. 
  • It is pink and white .
  • I choose it at the book shop and my aunt buy it for me .
  • I have a pencil , a pen , a ball pen , an eraser. And it is my color box too.
  • I keep it clean and not broken.
  • I love it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I hhve lot of many pencil case. My favorite bear  pencil case is many color. pink,white,green.red.....
 last week My friend and me go to the market, and i chose a pencil case.I have pens,ruler,eraser,2 pencils
 and many sharp pencil,3 highlighter,whitner.

my pencil box is very clean and has a very cute drawing of barbie on it.it's colour is yellow .i chose it .it has 2 pencil ,1 pen  ,1 sharpner, 1 eraser ,1 scale ,many colors,1 black sketch pen.my pencil box is always clean and tidy.i like my pencil box very much.

Hello, I'm Iria.
My pencil case is like a rectangle.
It's purple, pink and white... 
I chose my pencil case.
Inside there is
-  Colouring pencils
- A sharpener
- Pens
- A ruler
- A rubber
-  2 pencils
I keep my pencil case tidy because I don't want to lose things.
What do you have in your pencil case?

My pencil case is pink.There are Winx Bloom and her sheep of the my pencil case.There are flowers behind the my pencil case.