Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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i like my grandparents! they are in india.

iv never met my grandparents as they live in canada as i live in england,iv seen photos of them but sadly my grandfather died but my grandmar sends me money and cards and presents!

 i have grandfather called lee kok yan. he is old but i still love him very much. he is 65 years old. he is with me in malaysia

i have a grandma  i love she  because she is very nice and she love me  she has 75 year old but she is always in a good helth

Hi,I have a grandmother. She is 60 years old.She is so kind but sometime she is angry . 40 years ago , she is a teacher . But now she is stay at home. She teach geography . She talking with me and give me the green tea . I like she.
                  WoodenLobsterLight{ Quynh Anh }  

Hi.i have got a funny grandfather.He is 72 years old.He is live in Vietnam.he hasnt got lot of hair.I like my grangfather because he is the best grandfather in the word.

    hi   i have 2 grandfaters  and 2 grandmothers .   i love them all  bicase one of mi grandma  and mi grandpa live in the contries.   mi seckent grendma ad mi grandpa lives in the site .  mi tvo grandmathers are   59 and the athor one is  67 and mi grandfathers are 59 and 69. and  the thinks whie do togeter  is horse rideng an go to a wholk and whie go fising some times.     

i have one grandma and i love she, cause when i was litle my parents had to work and they leave with my grandma.

 in holidays i stay with my grandparents.i love them a lot.they tell me interesting stories.they took me for walking at evenings.i play with them at nearest park.

 I love my grandmother. She's 70 years old. She looks strong and very kind. She has a nice smile. She tell me stories every night . We are very happy.