Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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 My grandma is 68 years old. I love her. We cook together and play cards and computer games. We spend enjoyable time together.

The old persons are very smart ! The oldest person what I know is 66 years old. It's my grandmother ! She takes me tips ! I love she :)

  Hello,I am alice.I love my grandmother very much! She is nice and kind,and she is 63 years ,old.
She makes the food for we ,our famliy love her,too.

 helllo ,,,,60 years old!!!! bye
good nig

My grandmother is 61 years old and my grandfather is 66 years old.
My grandma and I  watch  FC Barcelona and Lech Poznan matches together and my grandpa too.

  • Hi,My name is Dominik
  • I live in Poland
  • I have 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas
  • They all are great, they love me and I love them very much!
  • Greetings to all British Council Kids!:)


Hello everybody)
My name is Ann-Mary. I`m 7 years old. I have  grandmas. I live with them in the western Ukraine. One of them is  Anna and another my grandma is  Maria.  That`s why I have a name of both them. It writes  with a hyphen. I love my grandmas and they love me. My grandma Anna lives together with me in our house. She is always with me. She`s keen on cooking and reading. She is  very smart. And in future I want to be at least for a half as smart as she is.

Hi, I love my Grandma and Grandpa becaouse they are kind and they like to joke. My Grandma knows a lot of stories and she cooks very well. I love Them!

i have one grandma , i love her so much !  she's 65 years . 

we do a lot of  good things , I LOVE HER :)  . but now .. she's sick , God heals my grandma.
i wish i can meet all my grandparents.

My grandma very sweet.