Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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Hello, i have only one grand ma, she was born in 1933, she has now 81 years old. She tell me a lot of story about when she was young.

I know a lot of old persons. Very well I know my grand-parents. They are about 56-58. I have two grand-mothers and two grand-fathers. They are together because they love each other. :)

hello my grandpa is 61 years old and my grand ma is52 years old and my other grand ma is 61years old  and
my other grand pa is69 yearsold
i like to play with them.

My Grandpa was born in 1912 and is now 100! And my Grandma was born in 1930. They were wonderful Grandparents and they loved me so much. They met each other on the Spring Ball in their High School. Later on, my Grandpa proposed to my Grandma. She said yes and they married each other. I loved them so much but... but... now they're dead. My Grandma died yestersday. :( And my Grandad died before I was born. :(
From Your Loving Grandaughter, Veronica.


my friend helen is 73 i would walk her dog little bit   i would  wactch  t.v  
she moved. i miss you helen and lil bit  i dream about you all the time (sniff)

i like your comment white forest piano
i want to ask you,kenapa nenek mu meninggal

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Hi everybody!I want to tell you about my grandmother.Her name is Azime.She is sixty years old.She has grey hair and brown eyes.We always make jokes between us.She is my father's mother.Also ı want to tell you about my grandfather.He is my mum's father.His name is Osman.He is sixty-four years old.He has grey hair and brown eyes.Also he has got a moustache.He always teaches me how to read and write and plays games with me.He is married with my grandmother.She is my mum's mother.Her name is Huriye.She has short,curly,brown hair and brown eyes.We always play games and study about reading and writing.My father's father's name is Mehmet.He is sixty-six years old.He has grey hair and brown eyes.He has got a beard.I love them so much.They love me so much too!!!!!!