Do you have a lucky number? What do different numbers mean in your country? Are some luckier than others? Can you count backwards very quickly? Try to count backwards from 20 to 0 in English and tell us how long it takes you! Have fun!

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 all is my lucky numbers.

I am number one.1 is my lucky number so i very like it.

I am number one.1 is my lucky number so i very like it.

I have TWO lucky numbers. The first is:9,beause I'm going to be nine on Apr 10. My second lucky number is 10 because thats my birthday! 13 is an unlucky number in the UK.
Indigo DJ City

Hello my lucky number is two! it took me 17 seconds to count!

My lucky number is 7.This is my lucky number because I was born on date 7.Number 13 is not a lucky number while according to my country number 31 is a lucky number.I can not belive it it took 7 seconds.Me & my lucky number.Story in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Perfect Diamond40,

Wow! That's very strange. 7 is your lucky number and it took you 7 seconds to count backwards from 20! Thanks for writing to tell us! :)

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor) 

 Thanks for writing to me MissLuckyMouse & I know that this fact is strange but I am already used to it.

Hey,MissLuckyMouse did you get my comment yet?

In Italy the unlucky number is 17. 12 is a perfect number. I like number 6 because is my number in my basketball team.