How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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 Hello.It's me,Amina.My favourite name is Amina ,because It my name.

 My name is Nalan. I live in Denizli. The people from Turkey  have one surname.  My favourite name is Işıl because my friend's name is Işıl . My favourite name for a pet is Minnoş.

My name is Nastya. I live in Moscow. The people from Russia usually have one surname. We don't have a middle name. My favourite name is Violetta because me friend's name is Violetta. My favourite name for a pet is Barik.

I'm Elisabetta. I live in Rijeka.The people from Croatia usually have one name and one surname. Wi don't have a middle name. My favourite name is Elisabeth. My favourite name for a pet is Lilli.



My name is Valeryia and my favorite name will be Iola an i think a good name for a dog would be Bona or Ruby or Spot or 

My name is Leyla. In Turkey we have one surname. Some people have a middle name. Mine is Nilüfer.  I have a dog called Paşa.  It means Prince in  English.

Hi! in my country the people have 1 surname. Yes, everybody have 1 middle name. My favorite name is Camille. My favorite name for a fish is Cookies for a cat is Moustache for a dog is Kissy.Good bye!!

 Usually  we  have  one  surname.
In my  country - Bulgaria  everyone  have  a middle  name.
I like  the  name  Bruce.
I like the  following names for  pets - KATI PIPI HARRY  and  PUNY.


My name is Martina and im from Slovakia. People have usually only one name. Girls and women have on end of surname -ová, in past -ovie. I dont know anybody who have second name. My favorite Slovak name are Miško and Katka, and English Mike and Kate ( what is similiar ). I have also favorite surname- Polish surname, Kowalski. And i have yorkshire named Max. Also, i had fish named Milo, Bea and Oscar.