How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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Hello!!! My name is Edmon. I am from Armenia. My favorite name Aram,Edmon and Nona.

i have a friend who has a middle name

hello !
my name is anwesa.there are almost  a bezilion surnames in my country.i know a girl who is having a middle name.

Hi! My name is Zeynep. I live in Turkey. I am a Katy Perry fan. My favorite name is Katy and Elizabeth. I will name my pet BoB. Thanks!!!

Hello my name is Elif İlayda .I'm  from Turkey. My best friends is İlayda . My favorite name is Elizabeth Angle and Adriyana . My favorite calor is purpple and pink. My favorite sports is valeyball, swim . ı don't like football because  it's was very bored

Hello,my name is İlayda.I'm from Turkey.My best friends are Elif and Kayra.My favorite name is Erica ,Elizabeth and Melodi .My favorite sport is volleyball.I love animals.I don't like football because I is so bored.Thank you for reading.

hello, i'm valentina i'm from bogota/colombia but i live in united states my favorite name's  are jessica,natalia and my name i dont know why i like those names .... so i need learn english very good , i know english a little bit ..... i dont have middle name my name is only valentina  bye bye

people in our country use surname as well middle name. My grandpa has middle name Kishore.
 I am Shreya. I live in Suva, Fiji. My favourate name is Suhani because she is my good friend. My favourate pet name is zeena. It is a cute kitten.

 In here people got 1 surname and for a good pet name its Princess :D

 Hello.It's me,Amina.My favourite name is Amina ,because It my name.