What makes you laugh a lot? When was the last time you really laughed out loud? 

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 wow all of you are new never mind.

when i read  books

 every thing funny perticually especialy comedians

on all funny matters, i love to laugh

  1. yea on all funny matters i love too laugh iht makes me happy when my family is jokein arround and is together yes thats wat i love no matter if they argue either but i luagh at almost anythingg you could telol if you were width me well yea makin me luagh is making me be greatfull!!!!
  2. So yes i am proud for what i do yes i may  be a handfull but making whats worth it is all great but you caiint give up and not be happy well thats alll i love being what am and whoi am and what i do for my lyfe 


jokes are funny

Jokes make me laugh
If it is  for smarts

Jokes make me laugh!

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