What makes you laugh a lot? When was the last time you really laughed out loud? 

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Well I cause serious matters everywhere which makes me laugh, but I wear a humungous smile whenever I go past people which then turns into giggles. Actually no one except myself knows why I laugh so much in school. My friends think I'm crazy but I wasn't laughing so my teacher would hear me. Well sure, I am quite dumb! HAha!

Oops TV Soo LOL!!

i ha ve a joke. why was the math book sad? cause it had many problems.

I laugh when someone tickles me, and when someone tells a funny joke. I am often corny with my friends.

when I was a little girl I always keeps smiling! and some children in my class named me"Smiley".What make me laugh?simple!Funny things!LOL

Laughing? That's my talent ! You see, I always wear a broad smile on my face. And when someone or my friends tell jokes, I laught out loud! Sometimes, they call me the 'clown', sometimes they say I am crazy. But I don't mind. Why? Just like I tell you, laughing is my talent ! I remeber once that I laugh the loudest. That was when my friend introduce me a TV programme. And so, I watch that programme. And just for second, I laugh ! My mom had no idea of me, luaghing like a dolphin. But I knew, laughing is one of my greatest talent.

My  brother   Samuel   is  vrery  funny.

I laugh a lot but things that I really can't stop laughing at are at pantomimes, and they normally have to comedians. I always start crying cause I'm laughing so much! But for some reason, I can't remember anything

 jokes make me laugh and funny situations too

jokes make me laugh, but funny situation too...
I don't remember when was the last time when I laugh out loud, but i am sure I couldn't stop...