What do you want to be when you are older? What do you think are the best and the worst jobs?

Your Turn: Jobs
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Wow MissNecklaceTopaz! You have lots of great ideas!

LearnEnglish Kids team 

I WANNA BE A Chemistry scientist WHO WANNA BE A Chemistry scientist????

 i want to be a taylor xD xD

I will be a doctor and i don't know why.

I want to be an interpreter...

I want to be a nurse .I want to help people 

 Be sure your a doctor or nurse or dentist. So that y'all don't get a mendin'. BUH BYE

im  Nour i like pets i like ride horses  i like animanls   want  to be  football player

Every job is wonderful,when you like it ,but these are my favourites. I want to be a doctor, a writer, an actress, a  scientist and a biologist. The doctors help peoples,the  writers  write stories  and  this  make  me  feel  happy.The  actresses look like the  characters  and act  like them. The scientists and the biologists find out the  nature.