Is it a good idea to give your real name on the internet? How can we stay safe online? Tell us your top online safety tips.

Your Turn: Internet safety
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Welcome to LearnEnglish Kids! Do you play Roblox online? How can you stay safe online? That's the question to write about on this page! We're looking forward to your answer :-)


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i dont know

We shouldn't give our real name and never share your passwords to your friends.

i like internet lllllloooovvvvveeee

my parents won't allow to use internet alone without parental guidance . internet is rated as parental guidance (PG) . so every one i hope you got information. and i can only play games and learning English Kids British council.

These are some of the tips i follow while using the internet.
1. Never share your personal information such as your name, passwords, email, school, your real full name ect.
2. Do not download any app or a computer game without a parent's permission.
3. Do not use social media such as facebook, twitter and google+ without a parent's permisssion. not respond to an unknown person.
5. Do not open a website you do not know.

but i used all website!

play safe,be safe and have fun