Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

Your Turn: Homework
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Yes,I do
It is 20 in a week
Nobody help me and that make me strong and strong
I like to do some of homeworks but (not others) I dont like some of  thim

I have alot of homework every day. I dont like homework. But I have to do that. If I dont do my home work my family angry with me

I don't like homeworks.

mmmmmmmmmm, about my home works, mmm my school dosnt gives us many homeworks but i dislike do thim some times , pleacs dont say for me iam so sleepy and iam lazy but i dont whant to: prey,thin do home work,then,eat,then what t.v one min then sleep. 

 Hi I am elda.....i get so much homework(i hate homeworks) :)

 At home I have a lot of homework for Math, History, Italian, Geography...
My dad and my mum help me because they are teachers.
I don't liking doing homework because we work hard at school.

 Hi Orange Music Race!
Where you live, in which city? I live in Siracusa, in Sicily. I work hard at school too. I don't like math! It's BORING! 
And my math teacher isn't kind at all.