Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

Your Turn: Homework
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today I have my homework done by me and that is the only the homework that I have for today

I've just finish my homework!

I get homework from my school. Each week, I always have maths homework. Nobody helps me with my homework. I like homework.

yes our school gives us homework , every teacher gives me homework but not that much , i love doing my math , russian and english homework cause they're so interesting

i have lots of home works just now.i like doing home work!

i get lots of homework including project every time i get full marks.

My teacher does not give us any homework but I write the math, Vietnamese... in my notebook. I wish my teacher give us many homework and I don't think homework is very bad as my friends in my class.

I support with you. Some students think homework are bad to them but they don't think it will help them more clever

Yes we got and it is a lot. Sometimes when i don't understand my parents or my older brother helps me.No i don't but i think without all that exercises it's good for me.

Yes,i do.I have a lot of homeworks for this week.No.Sometimes,i like doing homework.