There are many ways of helping other people in your community, for example by volunteering, fundraising or donating. What do you do to help others?

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I help poor kids donating to 'save the children'. I think if I help them, they can eat foods and go to school. Im proud of doing this so much! I want to do something to help dogs losing home,too.

I help my aunt clean the house, cooking and clean the table.

I help my mother clean the house and sometimes I help my father to get some water. I also help my classmates

save people lives by working and being a doctor.
when old people are shopping make sure not to nock them over.
do not make anyone throw anyone or anything out on the rord

I help others by donating my clothes,shoes,books and bags.
I help my mom by doing the chores.
I help my sister in her homework.
I help my friends when they have some problem.
I help people in many different ways.

i help al in my exam i am intelligent and i help my friends and help my mom my dad my maternal grandmother grandfather uncle aunt

I help my classmates with difficult tasks. I help to translate words. I also share tasty food. I help my mum to carry to home bags from our car. I help my dad to fix something. I help my mum to cook some cakes. I help my grandma to cook lunch. I help tiding my room. I also help to water the flowers. I like helping someone.