What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Do you like going to the hairdresser's?


Your Turn: Hair
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hello I am Bryan. My hair is black color and straight. it is also short and soft. My hair looks like chicken hair.

  1. my hair colour is somewhat browny but they look black.
  2. my hairs are not too long ,upto the half of my back.
  3. my hairs are normally straight.but when i got shower they become wavey...
  4. yes,i like to hair do.but i cant.
  5. yes.

My hair is blak its short my hair is strait i love to make a new styels in my hairl

I have a Long hair and Its Staright and Blond Yellow and I clean it Every Sunday,Tuesday,Thurusday

my hair is long and black

  1. My hair colour is black.
  2. My hair is upto my shoulders.
  3. My hair is straight.
  4. I can't  do my favourite hair style because I have short hairs.
  5. yes I like to go hair dresser.

 I  have  opposite  type  of   hair ,but  I have brown  hair  not  white hair . 

I have long blond hair.
I never going to the hairdresser,my mother is cutting my hair.

My hair is short and brown.
My hair is straight
I like my hair
I like to comb my hair!!!!

I have long dark blond hair, which lightens at summer! It is straight, which is a good thing because then I can curl it, or wave it with no problem! I like to had it done up in a pretty updo, or a plait! I can do that myself. :) I like going to hairdresser's, but I only go on special occasions like some party or a wedding, because I want get my hair down to my waist or even longer! It is already about 5cm about my waist, yay! ^^