What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Do you like going to the hairdresser's?


Your Turn: Hair
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I have short and straight black hair, unless i have slept for a long time.
My favourite hairstyle is shagy.
I like to go to hair dressers but i avent gone to one for two years.
5 years

 hi. I have long, black hair. It is straight. My fav. hairstyle is pony with puff on top. I like going to hairdresser's.

My hair is gold blonde ! They're very long and staright :) I do have a favourite hair style but I think I'm a bit younger for that. Its not that i dont like going to the hairdresser but Its not that im very into going there :)

my hair is long, brown with golden highlights and it is straight.   

my hair is a natural mixture of brown colors
it's curly
it's long
my favourite hairstyle is fish tail braid
i don't go to the hairstylers alot

My hair is black, wavy, and long

My hair is black, short and straight. I like black and long hair. I like long and wavy hair.I like going to the hairdresser, because I like when my hair is short.

 Hi!my hair is short and black.My city is very beautiful. 

yes,a beautiful
not because they are painful 

I have brown medium length hair and it is so
PRECIOUS!!! (And beautiful)