What do you like doing in your free time? What are your favourite activities and hobbies? How much free time do you have?

Your Turn: Free-Time Activities
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my free times I usually improve my english at google translator and British council site

In free time I play a pc and I play with my frend's

 i like to draw,playing computer and wath tv 

I like to draw, to play with my friends, to watch movies, to read books with my mom... And every day I'm listening one of the song from your site! I love them very much!!!

My free time is a day in a week. It's week end day. I connecte with my friend in internet and chating with
and visits wep sites or I wll reading stories and waching TV.

Sometimes i have free time . I sing songs or do somthing else.  I watch television. I like my free time. Somtimes when i get ill i dont have  free time. I do my free time the next day. Do ou like your free time or just studying? In my free time there are time rules. I have to finish my work at 8 o clock and start my free time. I mostly sing songs in my free time. Do you have  free time? Then i go to bed and read a story.   Reading a story is a part of my free time.   Not only when im ill,  even if my dad comes home i dont have  freetime. Do you like your free time?  What's your favourite activity in  your free time? I play with my friends in the evening.  Goodbye!

Free time? I do a lot of activities during my free time.Some of them are sports. For example, cycling around the neighbourhood, playing badminton with my brother and jogging round the park. Sometimes, I go swimming. You see, I love reading. I usually read novels or storybooks. The book I like the most is " The Magic Faraway Tree" that is written by Enid Blyton from England. I love that story. Next, after reading or sports, I draw and paint. I like arts, especially watercolors and oil paintings. I love the arts of the oil paintings artists. It is very beautiful. Lastly, just take a rest...

hello!how are you?

My name is Ika.My favourite activities are cycling,paying badminton,swimming, singing and dancing.I have free time after class qiraati at 6 o'clock every day.I spent my free time with cycling to  my my friend house  at Taman Sri Mutira 2.After cycling I play football with my neighbour , Nabil.He is very fat because He eat a lot  every time.

In my free time I like to draw. And my favourite activities are cycling, writing stories, collecting figurines from the beach. I have a lot of free time after I do homework and studying. Sometimes I like daydreaming.