What do you like doing in your free time? What are your favourite activities and hobbies? How much free time do you have?

Your Turn: Free-Time Activities
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 I like doing in my free time:cycling,wacth TV,go for a walks  witch my best friends,swimming,skating and many intresting employment)!)))I like SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!I have got many free time in summer)))

 British Council!!! :)

Hi, I am Hristo and I am 13. I like climbing, swimming,cycling, playing soccer, playing chess and reading.My favourite book is NARNIA by C.S.Lewis. In my free time play with my friends and go to the mountains with my  Mom.

 in my free  time i dance balet .l like ballet .it's my hobby.i didn't have  a lot of free time because i need to do my homeworks ,to learn, i need to go in english school and in balet school.

 my free time is opened british council site

my free times I usually improve my english at google translator and British council site

In free time I play a pc and I play with my frend's

 i like to draw,playing computer and wath tv 

I like to draw, to play with my friends, to watch movies, to read books with my mom... And every day I'm listening one of the song from your site! I love them very much!!!

My free time is a day in a week. It's week end day. I connecte with my friend in internet and chating with
and visits wep sites or I wll reading stories and waching TV.