Do you like football? Which team do you support? Which country do you think is going to win the World Cup?

Your Turn: Football
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I want to leave Argentina world champion back in 2010. I love how he plays Argentina Argentina for that matter!

I support Italy, but Argentina wil win the cup.

I would Like Italy to win because I am a quarter Italian and have many reletives there but I live and was born In England so Go England ... Go Italy - I wish both could win



No. No. No. Germany will get the cup to Berlin! Evry country can't get the cup but Germany can!

I support Italy, but I support also Brasil!!!

Holland will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hmmm , on the first place , I want that Turkey wins , but they can't play this year with the World Cup.
So , I am for The Netherlands , because I live there :)
But sometimes i'm for South Korea, or Japan or another country , if The Netherlands are not playing.
But today are The Netherlands playing Vs. Japan !
Go Holland !