What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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 My favorite dish is a casserole ,it may  be long or short with  cheese mushrooms  and other additives . The traditional dish is a stew in Poland is aslo  very tasty .

Hi! MY name is aleya I am from Malaysia. My favouriti food is rice,burger,apple,sandwich but the the most i like is chicken burger

My favorite food is bread.Beacouse,it's delishous.

....Also,I like Turkish foods.

I like sausage-with egg.

Hello, my name is Andrada Sabau from Romania. My favourite dish is: Chicken Schnitzel with mashed potatoes and tomatoes salad. Take good care and a lot of success at school!

Hello! I am Giulia from Romania. My favourite food is Stuffed Cabbage.

What's your favourite food? I like vegetabales, fruits, milk, egg, fish, lettuece.... I like all healthy foods, And I'm healthy too!!!
Tell us about a traditional meal from your country. Delhi - Rajma, Rice and Bihar - Chappati and daal (Not only these are traditional food of my country there are many more but I don't know, I only know these because i have 3 houses on rent one in Patna Bihar India another Delhi India another Ajman Dubai). (If you don't know it, any Indian will know what are these).

my name is zainab and my hometown is hydrabad ,india.i live in ksa .in hyd,we have haleem.it is a dish made of oats and mutton .that's my favourite food also.

My name is Lera. I live in Ukraine. Our traditional food is borshch and varenyky. But my favourite food is roast meat.