What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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I love fish with mashed potatoes. But lot of other dishes. Mostly those who carry proteins..and carbohydrates.

IHi my name is YellowNaturePiano and I am from Bucharest the capital of Romania.My favourite food is pork rip and mashd potatoes.

 My favorite dish is a casserole ,it may  be long or short with  cheese mushrooms  and other additives . The traditional dish is a stew in Poland is aslo  very tasty .

Hi! MY name is aleya I am from Malaysia. My favouriti food is rice,burger,apple,sandwich but the the most i like is chicken burger

My favorite food is bread.Beacouse,it's delishous.

....Also,I like Turkish foods.

I like sausage-with egg.

Hello, my name is Andrada Sabau from Romania. My favourite dish is: Chicken Schnitzel with mashed potatoes and tomatoes salad. Take good care and a lot of success at school!

Hello! I am Giulia from Romania. My favourite food is Stuffed Cabbage.

What's your favourite food? I like vegetabales, fruits, milk, egg, fish, lettuece.... I like all healthy foods, And I'm healthy too!!!
Tell us about a traditional meal from your country. Delhi - Rajma, Rice and Bihar - Chappati and daal (Not only these are traditional food of my country there are many more but I don't know, I only know these because i have 3 houses on rent one in Patna Bihar India another Delhi India another Ajman Dubai). (If you don't know it, any Indian will know what are these).