What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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my favourite food is pizza and chiken burger. and i am dhanaswi i am from india and you can call me dhanu because dhanaswi is a difficult name bye...

My favorite food is spagetti.:OBut Ilike fast food salads and fruits.I like chips saw much.:)

            Hi   I am    Ishantha,    Now   I   live  in  Rome  Italy .
                       My   favourite  foods   are   Piza,  kalmari  which  is  made  out   of   sea   food,    fried  full   chikcen.              
                       I  am   originally     from   Sri   Lanka.   There   are   various  food  in  my   country.  They are Kiribath [ Milk rice] , Pittu, String hoppers, Hoppers. If  anyone wants to know  more  obout our  traditional food please  let  me  know.

My favorite food are: chicken and pizza. Because they are  very delicious.

My favourite food is pizza , hamburger and hot dog. My traditional food is pho.

 my favourite food is chicken

My favourite food is cheese.

 My favourite food is pho. Pho is traditional meal from my country. You should try it when you travel Viet Nam. It' s delicious

 Hello YoungDragon1000, I'm from Vietnam too!
 My favorite food are potato chips, ice-cream, soup and coca-cola.

My favourite food is:jelly,peanuts,pancackes,apple,tea,lollypop and my grandmother ckichens.