What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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 my favourite food is chicken

My favourite food is cheese.

 My favourite food is pho. Pho is traditional meal from my country. You should try it when you travel Viet Nam. It' s delicious

 Hello YoungDragon1000, I'm from Vietnam too!
 My favorite food are potato chips, ice-cream, soup and coca-cola.

My favourite food is:jelly,peanuts,pancackes,apple,tea,lollypop and my grandmother ckichens.

i love bread

My favourite food is spagutti .. i love it so much >> and i love yhe fast food too >

 My favorite food are:
Pizza,Tofu with my mom home made tomato chili sauce and ice cream:)

my favorite food is chesse and pancackes.

My favourite meal is spaguetti I like it a lot of and Chicharron con chile. It's really delicious