What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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Hi I'm Neesh!
I'm from Australia. My favorite foods are anything Italian! My Nonna makes the best Italian food ever!!!

HI, I'm Uthpala and I'm  from Sri Lanka
my favourite  food is rice & chicken curry.
I'm proud to say my country has lot of tasty foods like KAWUM, KOKIS,ATHIRASA .SO Do you  like to know about these foods ?

Hi. my name is Sam . I am from Viet Nam. My favourite food is pork rip, pizza, sandwich, orange juice.

 Hi! My name is Emiliya! I'm from Azerbaijan.
Ilike fried potatoes and chops,pizza .I like apple and pine apple juice.

My favouriti is appple.

Hi, I'm from VN. I like fried squid, pizza, fried egg....

My favorite food is tagliatelle with chicken. It is very good food. I like it very much and the best person I know who can cook this thing right is my mum and dad. They can can cook it very yummy. My favorite desert is my mothers chocolate cake with glaze. I am an chocolate lover. But i hate dark chocolate. 
Here in Sweden, we have got many traditional food. One of the most favorite food here is any dish with potatoes. 

hi, i'm Thanh, i'm from VietNam. my favorite food is pho, spagetti, KFC, pizza and etc.....

Hi  am Hasini, I live in Rome, Italy. I like Kebab, Pizza, Cherry, Apple, Grapes. And also strawberry and papaya. In Rome we get seasonal fruits. Rome is a nice historical place. Does anyone want to know more about Rome?

hi my favourite food is cheese and tomato pizza and my favourite traditonal food is pulihera