What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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my favourate food is junk food like hamburger

My favorite food is pizza and pasta!

Hi!!!!! My fave food is pizza too!!

hi...,, my name is Leony .. i like .. frend rice, chiken curry,pizza,milk and juice .. T.T

my favorite food rice .

My favorite food is pasta, macaroni. I love it. I like chocolate too.

Hai to all
This is Praveen from India. I like to have chicken items especially chicken 65 which is very much popular in india
If comes India Have a taste of this....

My Fave food is chicken curry(IM FROM INDIA)

My favorite food is pizza. It's good and it yummy for my tummy.It is cheesy.do you have pizza in Sweden.?????

hi my fav food is meat balls with spaghettie in sauce or chicken pie my fav desert is is ice cream with sprinkels on top but i only like vanilla wippy ice cream