Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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Hi, I'm Veronica and I live in England. The flag's colours are: blue, red and white.
The flag's shape and colour
In te middle, there is a +. The + is red. From each corner of the + there is a diagonal line. The diagonal is red too. Around the lines and + there is a white outline. Under the design of the flag, there is a navy blue background. 
 Do I Like The Flag?
Yes! I like it VERY much because it is very outstading and eyecatching. :)
 -Veronica.10. UK.

 hey DoctorMusicViolin,me toothis is TURKEY's flag.

i  am boy i am live in india

Hello,I´m Sergio. I´m fived years old. The Cuban flag is my favourite. It has got five stripes, two white and three blue ones. Too, it has got a red triangle and one white star.

Hello,i want to discribe my flag....

  1. It has the color red and black on it...
  2. and it has a two headed eagle on it...

Pretty cool huh!!!

My favourite flags shape is a big square and it has red colours and bue with 1 big star 6 small stars

Hi there!!!
My flag´s country have four colors, colors are:
I´m from Brasil and I love very much my country!

 hello im from mexico and is green n white n red with a eagle in the middle  WTF

 hi im from albania and i want to describe my flag: it has an black eagle in the center and it has red color.

Hi, I am from Greece and I want to tell us about my contry's flag. Well... The Greek flag is blue and white. On the left top edge has a white cross. I think the Greek flag is the most beautiful flag of all.