Have you got a favourite word in English? Which words do you really like? Have you learned any new words by watching our Word of the week videos? 

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HI! everybody, I'm Cuong. I am 10 years old. I from Vietnam. Do you want to make friends with me?
Nice to meet you^^

ok so want to be friends

Hi Cuong. My name is Quynh. I'm eleven years old. I'm from Binh Duong, Vietnam. Where are you from?

mine is joy because that's my name in english

 oh i like the word: poem because my name is poem in English

so many words...... -_- well my favorite word is pizza! XD

ohhhhhhhhh it is an interested food! i like it very much! and you?

I really like it

I actually don't know what my favorite word are in english
but I really like to studdy with space so I think my favorite word in english
is space. Not sure. 

don't know............ -__-"