Have you got a favourite pair of shoes? What colour are they? Are they boots, trainers, sandals or party shoes? Are they old or new? Tell us all about your favourite shoes! 

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 star trek shoes

  • Yes I have my favourite shoes.
  • They are black.
  • They are party shoes.
  • They are old shoes.
  • They are fun shoes.

 I like to wear my flower shoes. They are sandals. They are old. The colour of it is pink with a little white.

My favourite shoes are green and pink.
They are sandals.
I love them because they are comfortable.

My favorite shoes is sandals shoes . Color at my shoes is blue because is my favorite color. It a big sandals and  I can get  it in my foot many years . What is your favorite shoes and what color is that shoes ? Tell we your  shoes can write comment under the text in chapter ( write and read : FAVORITE SHOES ) okay ?

 My favourite shoes is beige.There is a ribbon on it.It is new:)))))

Hello my favorite shoes are sports because Im playing basketball...

  •  yes
  • red
  • party shoes
  • new and old
  • this what I can tell my name is esra
  • Iam from bahrain

i love hummel

I have 2 favorite shoes number 1 a brown boot's number 2  a black little cute shoes