Have you got a favourite pair of shoes? What colour are they? Are they boots, trainers, sandals or party shoes? Are they old or new? Tell us all about your favourite shoes! 

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My favourite shoes are kind of like boots. They are really dark blue like black.  
They are kind of old too. 
But i also have  knickers witch i also like they are black, with white toes they have strings,
but i cant tie them, so mom has to help me.
5 years

  • my first favroite is
  • purple
  • they are  unicorns
  • they have big eyes
  • my second favrite are
  • sparkely
  • grey
  • they ave a ribbon on top
  • my fird favrite are
  • grey
  • they have sparkely stars
  • they are boots

My shoes are really colorful my shoes are skateboarding shoes

Yes I'd have a favorite shoes that I wear and it is running shoes. The brand is named acics.

my favorite shoes are pink and grey, they are new. I loke them because they are sport's shoes

Hi! My shoes are black with blue stripes.Im wear this for shoes one year.My shoes are addidas.I like my shoes because my parents bought it for me.:D 

my favourite shose is black and new . 
I used when running.
Please help me in finding misspellings ^_^

Hi LordCricketJelly,
Thanks for telling us about your favourite shoes! I think you can write very well in English. If you want help with spelling, the only small mistake you have made is on the word 'shoes'.
If you want to practise your spelling you can find lots of activities in our Speak and Spell section.
Keep up the good work!

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mam you did not spell practice right

Dear PrincePopForever,

Thank you for your comment.

In British English we spell 'practise' for the verb (the doing word), and 'practice' for the noun (the thing). In American English the word is sometimes spelt 'practice' for both verb and noun.
I hope that explains!


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