What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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 Hi Young Glass 2!
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hi my name is Lina and I am from Tunisia. I would like to have friends.
My favourite day is my birthday because I get presents

Hi! Linda . My Name is Minh and I am from Vietnam. I will make friend with you, aswer me !

 You are from Vietnam? Me too. My country is very beautiful and I'm very proud of my country too.

My favourite day of the week is Friday. Because it's last workday, and tomorrow you can relax. I also like Tuesdays because that day is drawing class..I absolutely adore drawing. :):)

hi,my name is yomna and i am from egypt my favourite days are:my birthday , the weakend ,our muslims feasts. would any body tell me how to make friends on this website and chat with them.
 i would really love to make friends from other countries,and know alot of things about othert countries.
my uncle,my grandparents and my cousins  are living in australia,but aunty is living in america. so we are going to australia to be with them .that's better for us. so i want to practice on my english to be better, so i talk in english fleuntly.

Hi ! My name is YoungGlass2. If you want to 'chat' with me just cick on the 'relpy on my comment and I will answer you in 2 day
Best wish, YoungGlass2

  • my name is Charles
  • i am in england
  • i live near to london and britwell[europe]
  • i live in Ghana [only] but italy
  • what is your name
  • where do u live
  • which place do u come from
  • what cuntry do u come from

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Hi Miss Lucky Mouse,
I will chat with you Miss Lucky Mouse, aswer me!
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