What's your favourite colour? Colours can sometimes have special meanings. Red can sometimes make us feel angry, yellow can make us feel happy and blue can make us feel sad. Do colours have a special meaning in your culture?

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EWWW... the boy's hands look horible(or girls or ...whatever...)

 Who are you talking about?

guyssss....why are ther so many of you?...i have to go all the long way down and down and down and down ....to write my comments.....phew
ok ,ok..my favorite colors are....errr.......hm...AH.....YELLOW, VIOLET,and ...BLACK

my favorite color is (red)

my favourite colour is black

My favourite colour is white!!!

me my favorite colours is blue or purple!!!!!

my favourite colours are yellow and orange. yellow remindes me of sunshine and orange reminds me of fruit.

My favourite colors are black and purple.

My favoriute colour is gold! I love you to gold! :)