Do you like fast food? How often do you eat fast food? What's your favourite type of fast food?

Your Turn: Fast Food
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 i will eat fast food when my mum comes home late i love mc ribs

PinkTopazFish like to eat pizza,sushi for fast food. I usually eat fast food at home,at a restaurant.

Fast Food is very unhealthy,but it is very very tasty.
All people in the world like Fast Food:pizzas,hamburgers,chips,chicken nuggets...

my favourite fast food is pizzzas hamburges (mmm) yummy yummy yummy
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Yes, i love fast food like pizza, hamburger and chips

I like Pizza,Hamburger and Chips :)   !!!!

Hamburger and cips:):):):)

I like pizza and hamburger, peperoni pizza is my favourite food. But I prefer to have my fast food outside in awesome place. 

i do not like a lot of fast food and i love only what pizza and hamburgers at home is made

I like fast food . I like burger and pizza .I eat fast foods Sometimes  .But it's not good for our healthy !!!! Don't eat fast food much !!!!!!