Do you like fast food? How often do you eat fast food? What's your favourite type of fast food?

Your Turn: Fast Food
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I like fastfood.I eat fastfood one or two times in a week.Here are my favourite types of fastfood:

  1. burger
  2. pizza
  3. chips

To start, My name is Soha and I am from pakistan!! I am 11 and I love to read and sing!!!!!!!! Maybe you know me because I was princessred7 but now I've changed my account and....
I love fast food and I often eat them on special occasions or sometimes when the food, I don't like has been cooked.I love pizzas,burgers,club sandwiches,french fries etc. 

Yes, I like fast food. I like hamburger, pizza, orange juice, hot dogs... mmmmmm...  delicious.


  1. hamburger
  2. pizza
  3.  cips
  4. nuggets
  5. chicken

like mcdonald ,K.F.C, hamburger,PIZZAAAAAAAA

I like fast food. like pizza and burger. 

I don't like fast food so much... Some days i eat chips, and after meal i don't feel so good. Other fast food i don't eat so much.

I like some things like potato pizza and burger in foods.

 i like fastfood and i eat it verymuch my fav fastfood is pizz and a juicy cheese steak!