Do you like fast food? How often do you eat fast food? What's your favourite type of fast food?

Your Turn: Fast Food
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Yes, I like fast food too.
But I go twice a month.
My favourite fast food is hamburger with carrot.

Yes I like fast food.
I eat twice in a month, some time at home and some time at restaurant .
I like to eat beef cheese burger.

Yes , l do . l don not eat fast foot . l like  hot dog .

I like Carls Jr.
It's Awesome

I like hamburger and pizza.

I love pizza. My favorite flavour is cheese, ham, and corn. Im allergic to garlic ( but im not vampire! XD ), so i havent garlic in pizza
I love McDonald. I eat Happy Meal- Nuggets, sweet and sour sauce, ice tea and fries. I also eat McFlurry with caramel and smarties

 i love jelly world the serve jelly fish

  • I realy like fastfood.I get french fries,pizzas,hotdogs etc.more than a time in a day

i love macdonld`s and chruch`s chicken

I love KFC and Arby's!