Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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     Hi my name is İlayda,I'm 9 years old.My dad's name is Enver,my mum's
name is Seda.My dad is 43 years old,my mum is 39 years old and Maviş is
4 years old.Maviş is the smallest one in our family.My dad is the oldest
person in our family.Maviş is noisier than me.My dad is funnier than my mum.
I help my mum when she prepares dinner.I tidy my room.

                                                   I LOVE MY FAMİLY !

My name is Mayra.
I am from Istanbul , Turkey.
I am 9 years old.
My sister's name is Erna.
My mum's name is Ceni.
My dad's name is Rıfat.

My name is Yasemin.My mum's name is Elif.My dad's name is Kerem.I'm 8 years old.My mum is 40,my dad is 44 years old.I have 3 couisin.I don't have any sister or brother.



And me.
                                                                  I LOVE MY FAMILEY!

 Hi , 

My name is Aybars . I am 10 years old .
I have got brown hair and brown eyes .
My sister ' s name is Aybüke . My sister is 7 years old .
My sister has got black hair and black eyes . 
She is younger than me .
My dad ' s name is Armağan .  My dad is 45 years old . 
My dad has glasses . He is a businessman . 
He is taller than me . 
My mum ' s name is Pınar .  She is 39 years old . 
She has got black hair and black eyes. 
She is older than me . 
I got seven cousins

Hi everyone in Turkey,
It's great to read about your families. You have all written really well!

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team
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My name is Can.
I am 8 years old.
I am in 3rd grade.
My mom's name is Sevda.
She is the prettiest person in my family.
My dad's name is Orkun.
He is the tallest person in my family.
My brother's name is Ali.
He is the youngest one in our family.
He is five years old.
I am older than him.

Hi My name is Özgen In My family There  are 4 (four ) people. Mum,dad,brother and me.My brother name is Özgür. My brother fourteen years old.My brother is kind and clever. He likes swimming and football.He has got brown eyes. He has got black hair. My mum name is Zeliha.My mum fourty years old.My mum kind and clever.   She likes volleyball and do homework.She has got blue eyes.She has got   blonde hair.
My dad name is Selim.My dad fourty years old.My dad kind and clever.He likes football and basketball.He has got brown eyes.He Has got black hair.My Name is Özgen.I'am ten years old.I likes football,basketball and swimming.My eye is blue.My hair is yellow.

I love my family.

My name is Ezgi.My mom's name is Zeynep.My dad's name is Ercan.My 5  couisin.My dad is bigger than me and my mom.I am shorter than my mom and my dad.My dad's mom is the oldest my family.

                                                                        I LOVE MY FAMİLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!