Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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Hello! My name is Uzay. My dad is the tallest in my family. My mum is the oldest in my family. I have a sister called Öykü.She is the youngest and the shortest in my family. I am 9,5 years old. My dad is 38 years old. My mum is 39 years old. My sister is 1,5 years old. My dad's name is Umut. My mum's name is Ülkü.My dad is 29 years older than me. I am 30 years younger than my mum. Öykü is 8 years younger than me.

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My name is Dilara. I'm 9 years old. I haven't got brother and sister.
My mom's name is İdil, and dad's name is Sedat.
Mom is smaller than dady. I'm thiner than momy and dady.
I'm the smallest person in my family.

my name is Ahmet.
I am 9 years old.
I little than my mom.
I will help to my family like: I make music and my family will hapinnes.
Sometimes İ will wash the dishes.
I have any brothers of sisters.
I am the Bigger my cousin.
I like my family

Hello my name is Bulut. My mother's name is Ebru. My father's name is Merih. My grandmother's name is Meral. My grandfather's name is Murat. My sister name is Ceylin and she is younger than me. She is 7 years old. I'm 9 years old.
I like to play HEAD SOCCER, MINECRAFT and CLASH OF CLANS. My favorite food is peach. My favorite place is Atlantis and roller coaster is my favoriet one.

My best friend name is Tan and he lives far away from me. I I love my family. My grand father is the oldest one in the family. My grandmother is younger than him. She is 72 years old. My sister is the youngest one in the family. Every Tuesday I visit my grand parents . I can't visit so much my other grand mother because she lives in İzmir. but I call her nearl everyday. 

Hello my name is İdil, I am 9 years old.
My brother is the youngest person in my family
I am 3 years older than my brother.
I help my brother to do his homework
My father is the oldest and tallest person in my family.
My father is 37 years old.
My mother is 1 year younger than my father
She is very beautiful and smells so good.


My name is Cagan. I'm nine years old. I am at third grade.
My sisters name is Öykü, dads name is Özgür and moms name is Gökşen. I love to play basketball and football.
My dad is taller than my mother and I' m taller than my sister. My mother is the oldest one in our family and my sister is youngest in our family.
We go to cinema, holidays together and play games in the house.

I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

I am Yavuz Selım,
I care my famıly very much because they are very ımportant for me.
I am helpıng my mom and ı am lıstenıng to her.I am speakıng wıth my
I am the bıggest chıld ın the famıly .
My mother ıs Tuba,My father ıs Alaaddın.
I have a lıttle brother hıs name ıs Fatıh Mehmet ,he is eıght years old.
I am longer than my brother.
I like playıng wıth hım very much.

I love my family very mach.

Hello my name is Nehir..
My dad's name is Burak.
My mom's name is Selin.
I am 9 years old.
My father is 39 and my mother is 36 years old.
I have no sister or brother..
I have 3 cousins...
Their names are Aslihan, Sedef and Efe...
And I have a dog. He is baby now. His name is Pike.

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Hi everybody!

My name is Alihan. I am 9 years old and I have a great family. My Mom's name is Muhterem. My Dad's name is Ali. I have 3 sisters. Emel is the oldest sister. Perim is older than Pelin. I have also 4 grandparents and 12 cousins. I visit them in the holiday. I love my family very much! 

Hello everybody. My name is Kayra. My mom's name is Emel. My dad's name is Yücel. My dad is bigger than me and my mom. İn my familiy, my grandmother is the oldest person. Sometimes I help my mom to clean the house.Sometimes I help my dad to fix something too. I have 5 cousins.I am very happy of my family. I love them.