Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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Hello,  my name is Neylan,    
I am 8 years old. I will be 9 in April 4.
I live in İstanbul, Turkey with my parents.
My mums  name is Yasemin, she is 36 years old. My dads name is Kerem, he is 43 years old.
I like playing Basketball. I play in school Basketball team. 
I love my friends in my classroom.
I love my family.

Hello friends.My name is Ata. I am 8 years old.My fathers name is Mustafa and my mothers name is Ferda. I love them very much. I help my mother in house work.I help her in cooking. I like cooking.I help my mother and father when they are ill.I bring them newspapers and slippers and I try to be a good child to them.

My father is taller than my mother. But my mother is older than my father.My grandmother is the oldest. My father and I like Beşiktaş football club.It is the best team in Turkey. But my mother likes Galatasaray. She says Galatasaray is better than Beşiktaş. 

Hi, my name is Cem. My parent's names are Hande and Metin. I am 9 years old and I am the youngest one in our family. The oldest person in our family is my grandfather's mom. I have a pet. Her name is Tatoo. I love my dog because I can play with her. I help my family by doing my homework without asking for help from my parents. I like going on vacations with my family. During this semester break, we went to Italy for skiing. I am looking forward for our next trip.

My name is Denizhan. I was born in Istanbul, in eight of March 2005. My mother's name is Sadiye. My fathers name is Günhan. I don't have brother or sister, but i have a lot o cousins. My father is the tallest person in my family. I'm the shortest person in my family. My mother is heavier than me. I play basketbol with Zeynep.I am also good at percussion. I played piano for two years. But i don't like playing piano any more.

Hello  my name is Begüm. My brother's name is Mehmet .
My sister's name is Deniz.My mum's name is Eser and my
dad 's name is Naci. I have a dog. My mom is a fashion designer
and my dad is a jeweler. My big sister works with my dad.

Hello,my name is Mert.I am 9years old and I am youngest in my family.My mom name is Funda,my dad name is Recep and my brother name is Ersin. İpek is younger than me,she is youngest my cousine.My father is oldest in my family.Ersin is bigger than me and he is tallest person in my family.he likes Read books,most.I like football more than Basketball.I love my family.

Hello my name is Nehir Akın
My father's name is Burak and my mother's name is Selin...
I have a dog.. He is a baby now. His name is Pike.
I have no brothers and sisters.
I have 3 cousins
They are Aslıhan, Sedef and Efe...

Nehir Akın 3-A

Hello,my name is Ecem. I am 8 years old.I have one sister she is older then me.My dad is the strongest person in my family. My mom is younger than my dad.I am the youngest in my family..I help my family by doing my bed, some weekends I prepare breakfeast for my family, when we go on a vacation I prepare my own luggage, I put my dirty laundry in a laundry bag. When I come home from the school I do my own homework. and wash my hands before dinner; these are the things I do without my mom telling me.

I LOVE MY FAMİLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello! My name is Uzay. My dad is the tallest in my family. My mum is the oldest in my family. I have a sister called Öykü.She is the youngest and the shortest in my family. I am 9,5 years old. My dad is 38 years old. My mum is 39 years old. My sister is 1,5 years old. My dad's name is Umut. My mum's name is Ülkü.My dad is 29 years older than me. I am 30 years younger than my mum. Öykü is 8 years younger than me.

                                                       THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!