Do you celebrate Christmas where you live? What do you do on Christmas Day? Do you have a special lunch? Do you give presents to family and friends? What's your favourite part of the Christmas holiday? 

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I am chloé and I am french(I live in france).In my country,people decorate the house for chritmas.We decorate the fir tree with garlands, Christmas baubles...Tthe whole house is decorated. On chritmas eve,people go to church(for religious people).We have a late supper and we eat foie gras, a special christmas cake,(called log because it looks like a log).It's the best meal of the year!!!!!! After,father christmas comes and gives presents.We open it. In some regions (in france) people have 13 desserts.

Hello! My name is Veronica. I'm from Russia, from Moscow. Do you know, that Russians celebrate New Year on the 31_st of December? All Russians people celebrate New Year.  And a ll people are very kind and funny on the 31_st of December.  They are decorating cristmas trees, cooking dinner, baiing fireworks and doing other interesting things all New Year Day. At midnight we listen to Russian president. And at midnight I give many presents to my family and my family give me many presents too. When children get up in the morning they always find presents under the cristmas tree. Father Frost is give presents to children.
Russians celebrate Cristmas on the 7_th of January.
I love New Year and Cristmas very much!

                                                                                My christmas
Hi! I'm Guillermo this is my christmas. The 1rst of december I buy an advent calendar. At christmas eve I have dinner with my family. At 12 o'clock it comes Santa Claus and we recive presents. The 30th of December we celebrat New Year eve. The 6th of Januery we recive more presents of the three wise men.

This is my Christmas
Good Christmas 

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Yes I celebrate Christmas in Poland. I play football. Yes i have a special lunch. Yes I give presents to family.My favourite part of Christmas holiday is part when I get presents.

my name is Larissa.I love christmas ......

hi i am from romania too and i am ten years old.
I am cool and i like very very very mutch christmas
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my names is Larissa.I love cristmas.

 Hi, my name is Veronica. And yes, I do celebrate Christmas on the 25th December. I live in United Kingdom. On the 1st day of Decmber we buy an advent calendar and eat 1 chocolate each day, (it has numbers on it so we don't get mixed up, we have to open little windows) on 25th December there's a special chocolate that is slightly different to others! I am from Poland so on the 24th we prepare all the Christmas dinner and then on the 25th we have a Christmas dinner. The best thing about Christmas is that we, Polish people, wait until the evening on the 25th and open the presents! We also leave some cookies and warm milk on the 24th to thank the Santa for bringing the presents! We have 12 Christmas dishes. We always leave a spare seat with an empty plate for the "traveller" that might knock at the door at any time on 25th. Christmas is a really happy, joyful day for Polish people! We decorate our house with Christmas decorations. Oh, and I almost forgot, we have a Christmas tree as well as in England. Although we're in England, we still celebrate Christmas in our own Polish way!

P.S. This year I'm getting some ice-skating shoes!

 i love christmas 
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