Do you celebrate Christmas where you live? What do you do on Christmas Day? Do you have a special lunch? Do you give presents to family and friends? What's your favourite part of the Christmas holiday? 

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Hi everbody! My name is Aysel. I live in the Turkey-İstanbul. I have a question to christmas for you

Question: Who is the best ?

(A) Christmas (B) Christmas gifts (C) All christmas and gifts

Yess! You know my question! The answer is..

All chsitmas and gifts

For (C) Yesssssssssssss!!

Youre right you have ***

(Three stars)

Wow youre too smart :D

I love christmas! Presents are pretty!

   Hi, my name is Sofia. I am 11. I live in Russia - Novorossiysk. We celebrate the New Year, because our country is the most famous holiday. Before the New Year people  buy gifts, set and decorate the Christmas tree. At midnight on New Year`s holiday all go to each other`s homes, and congratulation. In our will come to us Grandpa Frost. And in the morning is already a lot of gifts, under the tree!
  I love this holiday, becausе for me,  he is the most intresting, wonderful and beautiful!!!

 Hello! My name is Maxim! I live in Russia-Novorossisk!My favourite holiday New Year because in New Year all people dres up the houses, is decorated by trees, but main, all children wait for the present from Santa! New year as dream. I very much wait New Year!

hello my name is nathaniel i am 13 years old i live in the uk /coventry on christmas i get up open my presents play with them and try things on ,then my mum starts cooking dinner we have jamacan food because i am half jamacan and half english so we have mixtures of food i have six sisters and one brother christmas is an expensive day for my familey hahah! merry christmas and a happy new year.

 hi ! i am sabina  i am from albania .we in albania celebrate new year in 31 december . i love new year because  in that day my family get all together to celebrate 

hi my name is fabio i am 13 years old i live in coventry in england on chrimas day i  get up at 6.30 and go and wake my mum and dad up and then we go down stars all of my presents are under the tree but first we open my present i have my breakfast then i open all my and then we go to my nan and grandadas and then we4 have are chrimas diner at my nans and then the rest of the faimly come rond to my nans house and then we have the best chrimas diner ever and then we stay the night  and then in the morning we go home and then play with all my present

I am Ella from coventry in the uk.I spend christmas day by getting up early opening my presents and then going back to bed until midday.Whilst i am asleep my mum does the cooking and when i get up we eat.Mum does all the cooking.It's just me,my mum and my little brother.Then we go to my grandma's and my cousions,aunt and uncle comes over.

This  Christmas i will celebrate with my family , as usually. Every year we decorate Christmas tree and all our house. We have special dinner with Christmas duck with apples and oranges. After midnight I celebrate my dear friends. My favourite part of this holiday, when we exchange present and surprises.


I love Christmas day, I think i celebrate my holiday at home.On christmas day I will fire the fireworks,take givets and give givets to my parents.We will eat dack with apples and with oranges.Chime, is my favorite moment on Christmas.