Do you celebrate Christmas where you live? What do you do on Christmas Day? Do you have a special lunch? Do you give presents to family and friends? What's your favourite part of the Christmas holiday? 

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  1. I celebrate Christmas in my city.I celebrate it at my grandma's house with all my family members:aunts,uncles,cousins and our pets. We have a big dinner and the kids wait for Santa to come and bring some gifts.The best thing is the dinner


I  love CHRISTMAS ......!
and for all   MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.......!

I love Chirstmas!!!!!!

Hi!  I'm Elizabeth and I live in The United States Of America.  My favorite part of our Christmas celebration is  when my family and I gather together and eat a nice, big, Christmas dinner.  It has been fun finding recipes for the past few years,  because my father and I are vegetarians.  That means that we don't eat any meat at all.

 hi!!!! i love christmas>) i prepare a lot of delicious food for this day. and i give gifs and take them.......

just i love this time.....!~!!!!

I am Gregora from Albania. I am 11 years old. I love Christmas. I got a special Monster High doll  on the Santa Claus day, 6th of December. I look forward to have the family holidays and all the Christmas cherish. 

with Christmas joy, wish you all the best. 

My name is Carlota. I am 11 year old. I like dogs, basketball,  ice cream, mountain, Ibiza and CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sometimes celebrate Christmas at home. We watch a fireworks, decorate a X-tree  and our flat, we get presents. I give presents to my family. W e have a special night meal, we cook chicken, seafood and salads. I like Christmas very much.  

Hi everbody! My name is Aysel. I live in the Turkey-İstanbul. I have a question to christmas for you

Question: Who is the best ?

(A) Christmas (B) Christmas gifts (C) All christmas and gifts

Yess! You know my question! The answer is..

All chsitmas and gifts

For (C) Yesssssssssssss!!

Youre right you have ***

(Three stars)

Wow youre too smart :D