Tell us all about carnival! Do you celebrate carnival in your country? How do you celebrate? Do you have a special carnival party? Do you wear a fancy-dress costume? Do you eat any special food? Do you have a day off school? 

Your Turn: Carnival
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I love carnıval

This morning I woke up by my alarm clock at 2:00 am because It was broken! And it was the weekend! I was SO annoyed so I decided to fight it! In the end, I don't know who won. I was awake and shivering because it was still early and my alarm clock was broken. Oops....

In grecce we have carnival . Our school organazez a party. We all get dreast up

I was in a carnival the walthan forest young peoples carnival i live in leyton anybody esle from here if are rephy me and i am going to be in this years notting hill carnival as well

 we have carnival and summer carnival too

I come from Poland. I like carnival. We have   carnival balls in Poland !!!!!!

 Hello @PrincessBallerinaPiano! I was born in Poland too! Aren't Carnival Balls wonderful?

we do have carnivals ! my school carnivalsis just few days later and its Charity Escapade its to raise money for the needies and as well we have a culture festival its to learn more about the games that your friend in other culture plays its kind of fun and it does not have holidays and thers diffrent kind of food cuisine ! Miss lucky mouse can you tell me what kinds of parties you attend  in spain im interested please tell me more!

the carnival is soooo cute it has aclown tooooooooo!

Hi Yellow Fairy Ring,

There are lots of parties in Spain. In most cities and towns there is a 'Fiesta mayor' in the summer. This is usually a whole week of concerts and special activities. In my village we have concerts and parties in the square every evening, and in the daytime there are activities for everyone, children, adults and old people. It's good fun!

What do you do to celebrate the Charity Escapade? That sounds like fun, and you raise money too. I like the idea! 

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)