Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? If you have brothers or sisters are they older or younger than you? Do you get on well? Tell us all about it.

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My brother is very smart. We are from UK

I have a noisy brother. He is younger than me. He is 7 years old

I am Poe Poe, I have young one brother and one sister.  I love them so much. I am nearly 10 years old.

I have got an amasing bro called aaron he love me te its he can drive hes 17 ull love him not bad to say about himn

hello my name is dhanisha and i have an older sister . i love my sister very much xd

 hello i have 5 sisters with me 6 and i have 3 brothers... 

Hello.My name is Amina.I am 9.I have got a sister.Her name is Nurlana.She is 15 years old.

hello my name is shahd i have three sisters amal, nada and eman iam the younger one iam 8 iam from eygpt we are in holiday

My name is Nastya I am 9.
I have got one sister and one brother. My sister name is Katya she is 5 and brother name is Alex he is 2.