Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? If you have brothers or sisters are they older or younger than you? Do you get on well? Tell us all about it.

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i have a younger sibling sister .she is naughty and cute. i always fights with her and i loves her too. when i fight with her she gets friend with me later.

Yes i do. I have one brother, his name is camilo, and he is younger than me. In spite of we love each other, we fight every morning before going to school. I always win.

I have one brother. His name is Topo. He studies in Saigon city. I love him and he loves me too. He is older than me 13 years. He gives me many presents when he is at home. He studies Japanese very good. I am very happy because I have a such brother.

I have two younger brothes,three younger sisters and an older brother. i love them so much.

I have a young brother. His name is Pasquale (read: Pascal). Sometimes we fight because he make me angry. He born on 2008. So this year, he's age is 8 and i 10 because i born on 2006...

Yes, Ihave a little brother, his name is simon, he is younger than me. Yes we get on well but sometimes we fight. He always wants to play with me; i am very happy with him because he is funny and he makes me laugh. I love him.

i have one younger brother and four younger sisters.my younger brother name is ram.he is 5.my younger sisters name are natchya , anupra and kritika .they are 10,6 and 4.they all are very naugthy,but i love them very much . I think i am very lucky that i got very cute brother and sisters

I have a brother and a sister. They are older than me, because we have same dad but different mom. In 2002, they mother is died. So, in 2005 my dad married again with a new mother. In fine, me and my sister is soo different. How different from '80 to 2006? My brother is born on 1978. My sister, 1980. Me? 2006! Haha :D

N.B. : It's June 1978 vs February 1980 vs January 2006.

Are you born on 2006? At January? Me too! I am born in January 2006, you? Wow, you brother and sister have a same age with my Dad and Mom! Nice to meet you...

 i have a sis and a brother   they are wonderfullllll