Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? If you have brothers or sisters are they older or younger than you? Do you get on well? Tell us all about it.

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dear miss lucky mouse in the house rules it is written that never write comments that start an argument so why is  brown flute 4  writing such?

Hi PrincessPearlRock!

That's right. House rule number 4 says:

'Please don't write rude or nasty comments, or comments that start an arguement. Just be polite!'


LearnEnglish Kids team

Hi  :)
My name is Julie. I have a younger sister and she's 1year old. She try to talk like " Ma Ma" , " Pa Pa ".
I always get on her .

hellooooooo,my name is Ángela.

I have one sister she´s name is Paula ,she has 3 years old.I´m 9 years old.

Hi! My name is Nastya. I have a little brother. His name is Roman. Hi is 1 years ould. He tries to walk and when Roman hears a dinamic music - he dances very well.

 Hi I'm Veronica. I'm ten years old and I've got two brothers, Casper and Matthew. One is eight and the other one's nine-teen. We do get on well. We really like each other. We only have fights sometimes. 

hello!my name is mustafa (toto) iam ten years old ihave two sisters the first sister called reem she is 16years old and the second called sarah she is 12years old

I have a brother,he is 4 years old.

Hello, my name is Vivianh. I'm eleven years old. I have a little brother and a little sister. My little sister called Aimy and she's six years old. My little brother called Leroy and he's four years old.
Bye, Vivianh