When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Hi I'm 10 years old. My birthday is on November 26th. My favorite present was a Kipling backpack. I love my birthday because it is so fun, I have a big party, with a delicious cake. I I celebrate my birthday with my family and my friends .

Hi my name is Sethuli. My birthday is April 21st. I celebrated with my parents and my aunt. My favorite present was a goldfish. I love my birthday. I had a big party too. Also I made a butterfly cake. I love it so, so much. And it was delicious.

My Birthday is 18 February 2010.My birthday is super fun.

My birthday is 10 february. I invite my friends to play. My best gift was a robot named Bots. I play with my friends and have fun.

My birthday 7th July. My Aunt makes cake for me and sometimes she makes muffin. My best birthday present is a book.

My name is DYMermaidWing. My birthday is on 30th May. My Aunt makes cake for me, and sometimes she makes muffins. My best birthday gift is a robot that you can code. When I have birthday parties we eat cakes and sing birthday songs

Good job!

My birthday is on February 21st. I was born in Barcelona (Spain). I like celebrating with my grandparents (family).


My birthday is in February 24. I celebrate my birday wuith my frends and my parents. 1st we go to play in micropolis and then we go to eat cake and we sing a birday song and finally I open the presents. My best birday present was go to disneyland paris. I play I dance I sing I jump and I laughd.