When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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My birthday is in June.I often go to eat out to celebrate my birthday.And I often invite my friend to my birthday party.
I've got the best present is a nice CD.I was really like lt!!!  I always blow out the candles at birthday parties.

My birthday is on April 
When birthday, my mother buys a cake for me, it is so woderful and marvolos.
My best present is a toy plane, it can fly very high. I can not control it very well.
When birthday, I celebrate with my family: we eat outside and eat cakes.

my birthday is the 25th of April I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. my friends always get me a ds game.

 HI, my birthday is on October the 21st.  I like presents and birthday cake so birthday is my favorite day. One my birthday, I usually have a small party in my class and a big party at home. I really like my birthday.

My birhday is in a month and i am leting my school mates come and my anty and uncle and i have a sister i need to let my sister invit some of her frinds . I love haveing my birthday , i love my birthday beacase of all the presants you get and you get to play and dance . I love cake is yummy and cremy and i get the bigest bit !!!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to rubyrap3
happy birthday to me!

hi and my birthday is on 04th of august . i celebrate my birthday with my families and friends. my favourite gift is the piano which i got last year on my 10th birthday 

Are you sure that we aren't the same person?:) Because my birthday is on 5th of august. I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. My favourite gift is the piano which i got on my 12th birthday last year. What a similarity! But there is something different. I live in Turkey and I'm 13!

Wow! Smiley Princess T and Clever Glass 90 have got a lot in common! Thanks for writing and telling us about your birthdays! :)

Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

Yeah. I wouldn't think that somebody in a different country(far away from me) has got lots of common with me!

My birthday is on 18th of November2002.It is fun because my  friend  is born in November too.I have 7 birthday ago. 2 years ago, my aunt gave me three of the babies.I like the babies and big Teddy.But no of my relative gave me the Teddy.Every birthday, my mom buy the birthdaycake and some candles.I like the birthday.