When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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I usually  celebrate my birthday with my family  and i get little presents. But this year it was quite different.  ıt was an international birthday. I've been to England a week ago, and i celebrated birthday there. that was amazing!
A year ago, when i started to play piano, (and ı played it amazing:), my parents gave me a piano(electronic). ı was using an organ, and ı cried when i first saw the piano!

My birthday is at the 6th of October. The fun thing about it is that me older brother has his birthday at October 4th. So we always celebrate at October 5th. 
Last year we celebrated when my grandmothers and my uncle came. It was one of the greatest birthday I ever have. My mom and dad baked a strowberry cake and it was very yummy. 
We didn't invited friends and people without we celebrated themselves. I got a new PSP game (BuzzMasterQuiz) and my brother get a iPod Touch. 
It was a great birthday.


Coolllllll!!!!!!! i think yuo are very happy ,right? oh! my birthday is in October too. Specialy , it is on Oct 10th.I mean my birthday date is  your birthday date plus your brother birthday date.(6th+4th=10th) bb have fun!!!!!!!^o^ :D